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Melody LaGrone, CHHP


Melody LaGrone is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner dedicated and passionate about holistic living. After years of researching answers for her own personal health issues, a love for all things natural/organic was born. Soon, Melody begin helping friends and family to overcome some of their toughest health and wellness challenges and she found a deep satisfaction in seeing people healthier, encouraged and educated. Next, the obvious happened...a desire to become a certified professional and help even more. Melody often says "this profession chose me, I didn't choose it, but I'm so glad it did!."  Melody deeply enjoys creating products that aid in a better quality of life and she truly believes aesthetics and aromas are equally as therapeutic. Alongside her husband, biggest cheerleader and co-owner Kevin and their blended family of 6, she understands all too well the tough demands of life can be even tougher if your mind, body and soul aren't healthy enough for the journey.  

"My true belief is health is wealth, which is why I passionately coined as the motto for the company, it's what you're made of that counts." 

Melody LaGrone-CHHP

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